I’ve been in the online world a long time. I have seen hundreds of thousands of women leave their corporate jobs, and turn to online coaches who tout the whole “Build a funnel, and turn it into 6 figures”, “Build a Coaching Biz, and bring in high ticket clients, and make 6 figures in 90 days”. The list goes on.

I’m not saying that there has NEVER been anyone who has succeeded at this, but I am saying I’ve seen a lot of entrepreneurs fork over tens of thousands of dollars with these coaches, only to end up broken hearted…

As a business owner, I frequently have conversations that make me go “huh?” I get to deal with the general public, and with customers, and let me just say, there are a LOT of things I wish I could say to a client- and sometimes I actually do. I manage to usually keep my more sarcastic comments in my head- and I am super proud of myself at containing the sarcasm font. You might be able to relate to a few of these, and maybe you have a few of your own. If so, feel free to add yours below.

Tell me I can’t do something, that it’s impossible, and I’m probably going to do whatever it is, and do it twice, and take pictures while I’m at it.

In fact, in the earlier years of my business, I was juggling dealing with my oldest daughter, who had sustained a traumatic brain injury from a fall from a horse, and subsequently developed severe psychosis, and schizophrenia. To say it has been challenging would be a massive understatement. We’ve had multiple suicide attempts, homicidal ideations and a plan to kill the family, manic episodes, and 18 hospitalizations.

All the while taking…

Whether it’s in life, or in business, one size never fits all. As a fat chick, that has been patently obvious to me for a very long time.

One size NEVER, ever fit me, and in fact most times, I couldn’t even fit my big toe into it. It’s laughable that every adult human could possibly fit in the same size of ANYTHING. Imagine me, when I weighed in at over 400 lbs, standing next to my daughter’s kick butt Tae Kwon Do Instructor who was 4'9". No way, no how does one size fit either of us. Any shirt…

Dear Mom next to me in the car wash, with your kids fighting in the back seat, trying to kill each other while you were just trying to vacuum the car- I see you.

My smile and wave, was because I have been you- just trying to get stuff done, while my darling angels were in the back seat of the car screaming, and trying my ever living last nerve. Every part of my mom self feels for you.

Yes. I’ve had my darling children act out, try to kill each other, and throw massive temper tantrums in the middle…

September, 2018 my doctor told me if I didn’t lose weight, I was going to die, and the hernia that they were going to repair was going to likely have to be re-repaired.

Ugh. And Double Ugh. I had kept my head buried in the sand for a while, and the scale went up and up. It was reading 427 pounds. Serious UGH. Nothing I did would budge that stupid scale down.

Until my head changed. I realized that it had to move. And it had to change. …

I’m a mom of four kids. If you know anything about being a mom, we give everything we have to our kids. The kids come first. I’m also a wife of many years, and the best part — I’m a people pleaser.

You can kind of guess how that worked for me. Which is to say, it didn’t really. Or rather, it worked OK for everyone else, but things didn’t end up so great for me. It meant ending up at 427 pounds, unhappy with life, and in a ton of pain. …

Watching human behavior is a pastime of mine. I like to watch how people react to particular scenarios, and situations.

One thing that has struck me lately is how important it is to us humans to be right. Always.

It is amazing to me how we can justify things in our minds that we are somehow right, forgetting that there are always 3 sides of the story- my side, your side, and what actually happened.

I’ve seen it pop up time and time again. At work, at home, out and about town.

I was driving my car earlier today, and…

Sometimes People Online Remind Me of Awkward Turtles

As a group owner for one of the largest groups on Facebook, with over 61,000 members, some of the stuff we see on a daily basis would make your eyelashes curl.

I thought I’d share some of the most interesting mistakes that I see on a regular basis, so that you can hopefully get a giggle or two, and maybe a wince too.

  1. They join Facebook groups with the only purpose of posting about their business.
    Unfortunately(or fortunately, depending on your point of view), Facebook has started restricting people who go from group to group posting the same thing over…

I hear from many small business owners that they are exhausted trying to keep up with Twitter, Facebook. Instagram, Linked in, Ads, SEO, a Blog, and the list goes on, and on, and on.

Indeed, it seems like every expert out there is telling them to do this, that, or the other to find the magic pill of marketing. If they only do X, Y, or Z, they will suddenly have lots and lots of clients.

Only, it doesn’t quite work that way. …

Haley Lynn Gray

Does marketing make you want to pull your hair out? Haley is a Marketing strategist and social media expert who can help you find your magic marketing method.

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