Help Your Marketer Help You

Haley Lynn Gray
3 min readApr 8, 2023

I sometimes wonder if I’m speaking in gibberish when I’m communicating with clients. Here’s the reality. Most times, I have to ask a lot of questions, and ask for a lot of things. Colors, Fonts, Logos. I need a logo with a clear background.

Then I start asking gnarly questions- like getting into almost every marketing account you have- You know, so our team can connect stuff. And I may need bits and pieces of copy that you were hoping that my team and I would “magically conjur” — hint- we usually have to get it from you- or you have to pay the $ to have it written- it’s not free.

We can’t magically conjur all of the info about your brand, unless you work with us to get it.

If we are designing a website, an ad campaign, or a funnel, we need a LOT of info, and it’s a whole thing. It is a partnership, because we need access to what may seem like your entire life, and we need insight into how your brain works.

We also can’t work with unspoken assumptions. Don’t just assume that we are going to do things, and automagically figure them out.

We are humans.

Please, read your proposals carefully. Don’t assume that things are included that are not mentioned. Assume that if something is not specifically included- that it is not included.



Haley Lynn Gray

Does marketing make you want to pull your hair out? Haley is a Marketing strategist and social media expert who can help you find your magic marketing method.