Why Funnels Don’t Convert

Haley Lynn Gray
2 min readApr 2, 2023

When I planned this upcoming WEN Summit in September of last year, I was working on a bunch of funnels and websites for clients. I see a LOT of people who struggle with getting sales in the online space.

And I see a lot of people who fall into the “just 1 funnel away” trap and crap that is out there. A LOT People who have invested a LOT of time and money into courses, books that they are going to sell, and going to mint money while they sleep.

Only, it rarely works that way. I would guesstimate that only about 1–2% of these funnels that are built out that way actually convert the way that someone wants them to.

It can be for a lot of reasons.

  1. You might be marketing to the wrong people.
  2. You might have the wrong offering.
  3. You might be marketing at the wrong time.
  4. You might not be driving enough traffic into your funnels.
  5. You might not be driving traffic on the right platforms.

The list of reasons can go on and on.

If you build a multi-step funnel then try to debug it, the debugging gets exponentially harder. It is SOO much easier to debug 1 step at a time, to figure out where the process is failing.

This is why when I build a funnel, I start with a simple, single offer. I might test 2 offers against each other, IF I’m running ads, and can spend a few hundred dollars to test something, to get 250–300 people onto the landing page. We know pretty fast what’s up with the funnels.

But here’s the thing, nobody out there teaches the basic steps to debug a funnel. It’s something that I actually learned while I was at NC State and learning how to write code. Because- I have a degree in Computer Science. but it’s not something that everyone out there and their cousin knows how to do.

So, what I’m going to do is give you a crash course on how to spot the problems, and how to fix them on your own funnels, whether or not you want to be the one to fix it, you’ll start to understand some of the complexity involved, and be able to spot some of the easier to fix mistakes without pulling your hair out.

Come and hang out with us April 20–22, 2023 (And recordings will be available after the summit) and learn how to debug those funnels! You can get your VIP tickets here: http://wensummit.com



Haley Lynn Gray

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