Why 0 to 6 figures in 3 Months is a Lie

Haley Lynn Gray
4 min readJul 11, 2021

I’ve been in the online world a long time. I have seen hundreds of thousands of women leave their corporate jobs, and turn to online coaches who tout the whole “Build a funnel, and turn it into 6 figures”, “Build a Coaching Biz, and bring in high ticket clients, and make 6 figures in 90 days”. The list goes on.

I’m not saying that there has NEVER been anyone who has succeeded at this, but I am saying I’ve seen a lot of entrepreneurs fork over tens of thousands of dollars with these coaches, only to end up broken hearted with a load of credit card debt, and heading back to their corporate jobs, or in bankruptcy- sometimes both.

It breaks my heart, because I know what DOES work, and I see exactly where the gaping holes are.

Here’s where the gaping holes usually are, but this is by no means a comprehensive list:

  1. You have no audience, and few connections. People who do organic launches- i.e. those who post on their Facebook page and get reactions, and who can just call people up have been nurturing their connections for a while. It’s more than just getting people to buy, but actually building a massive network of know, like, and trust.
  2. You haven’t tested out what you’re selling. One of the most expensive mistakes I made- eye-watering- expensive was trying to sell an e-course no-one wanted to buy. It didn’t matter how good the ads, or the copy, or the website looked. I paid top dollar for those too. It’s best to fail small and fast, rather than keep trying to sell something that you aren’t 100% confident in.
  3. You have no tech skills, and aren’t the greatest copywriter. There is this thing out there about building an online course to sell to your audience. That’s great. But do you have tech skills to build the necessary funnel, and ads? Most people don’t. That’s OK. Copywriting is another monkey in the wrench. This makes that implementation of that “perfect” funnel nearly impossible.
  4. You’ve never sold anything online. I hate to break it to you, but selling and marketing in the online space is more than a little different from selling in person, or through other means. The tech and copy are hyper focused, and the techniques are typically a few years ahead of marketing you would see for any standard brick and…



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