The Things I Wish I Could Say

Haley Lynn Gray
4 min readMay 23, 2021

As a business owner, I frequently have conversations that make me go “huh?” I get to deal with the general public, and with customers, and let me just say, there are a LOT of things I wish I could say to a client- and sometimes I actually do. I manage to usually keep my more sarcastic comments in my head- and I am super proud of myself at containing the sarcasm font. You might be able to relate to a few of these, and maybe you have a few of your own. If so, feel free to add yours below.

Here’s my top list of the things I wish I could say to clients

1. “I’m sorry you got screwed by the last digital marketer, but that doesn’t mean I can work for free.” I can’t tell you how often we get called in to fix a disaster of a situation, and are asked to do so at a reduced cost. I’m sorry, it just doesn’t work that way. In many cases, the disasters we’re cleaning up are going to take us EXTRA work.

2. “Changing directions often in your business is screwing yourself”. I see clients who are constantly tweaking their demographics, and target audience, just as they start to obtain some level of success. If you fail to stick with your message, and topic for a period of time, and are constantly trying to change up all your SEO targets, and Website stuff, rather than giving it time to work, it just is going to result in wasted efforts.

3. “When you tell me how to do my job, you aren’t leveraging my expertise”. I have had more than a few clients who tell me exactly how they want everything done, and they are completely unwilling to take any input, or anything different than exactly how they want it done. One example might be in choices of keywords for ads, or the way that things are worded. Another example is in how often we post on a social media account. YES. We can do exactly as you want. But posting twice a week, promoting only your business is likely not going to get you any growth, reach, or clients. After growing a group to 74,000 members, I might, just maybe have some practice, and some experience.

4. “No, I’m not going to train your team to do my job.” I’ve had people who basically want to hire a VA, for me to then train and spend the time to train their team, so that they can pay the VA. Um. That’s not how this works. First of all, you hired me for business strategy, and to…

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