One Size Never Fits All…

Whether it’s in life, or in business, one size never fits all. As a fat chick, that has been patently obvious to me for a very long time.

One size NEVER, ever fit me, and in fact most times, I couldn’t even fit my big toe into it. It’s laughable that every adult human could possibly fit in the same size of ANYTHING. Imagine me, when I weighed in at over 400 lbs, standing next to my daughter’s kick butt Tae Kwon Do Instructor who was 4'9". No way, no how does one size fit either of us. Any shirt I could have worn would have hung to the ground on her. And anything she could wear would have fit my right pinkie toe.

Why in the world do we buy into the one size fits all mindset hook, line, and sinker with our businesses? We hear from the gurus “You need a funnel.”, “You need a blog.”, “You need a Youtube channel.”, “You need to do Facebook lives.”

“If you just build the right funnel, you’ll make all this money in your sleep.”

Sounds good, right? People buy into the concept by the truckloads.

Unfortunately, business doesn’t work quite that way. I see a lot of big gurus selling the latest big business idea. And people will whip out their credit cards with all the desperation of a drug addict trying to get the next hit, trying to make money the easy way, and make it all work, because there are all these testimonials out there about the people who made money.

Well, it does work. For about 1–3% of the people who buy into the program.

What about the other 97%? Well, they don’t do so well, and lose money on the deal.

But why? Because for that other 97%, they don’t have the skills, the connections, the platforms to adequately leverage that funnel, or those lives, or whatever the strategy is. They tried to go straight for the end game without having the foundations in place, and ended up failing miserably.

It’s a lot of the same reason that I don’t fit into that “one size fits all” shirt. Because I’m NOT that size to start with, so the only way for me to get into that shirt is to lose weight, and get to a size that I can finally fit into it, and be able to wear it successfully.

That applies to your business. Part of the reason that some people succeed with the strategy of “just post this juicy post on your personal profile” is that they already had an engaging profile, with a good number of connections. That strategy isn’t going to work if you have 53 friends, and haven’t posted on your profile in a year.

Likewise, if you’re going to use the funnel strategy, you have to understand 1. your audience, 2. What they want, and 3. Be able to build the funnel, including tech, copy that excites, and a layout that compels. Then you have to be able to drive enough traffic to it to test it and tweak it until you get it right. Do you have 2–3 years to get that off the ground and tweaked? And add in an extra 10–20K in ads.. Not many people have the kind of time, energy, or resources to do that.

It’s not that the strategies don’t work. It’s that they don’t work for EVERYONE. Oh, but wait. Not every strategy is going to work for every single person. Just like I might need 7 or 9 hours of sleep a night, the person next to me might only sleep 6. We aren’t the same people.

We don’t have the same skills, inclinations, DNA, or education. Nor do we want to do all the same things.

What if I told you to do Facebook lives everyday? There might be 1 or maybe 2 of you out there reading this that would go “OK, that could work” and go do it. For me? It works like a charm. For 2 of my clients? It helps them blow their businesses out of the water. They love getting on camera every day, and have a compelling offer, and POOF it blows their business up.

For the other 98% of you? That solution probably sounds like something that would make you want to gnaw your leg off like if you were stuck in a rusty bear trap. I probably couldn’t even hold a gun to your head to make you do it, unless you have some inclination to want to do video. So, I could sell it as the “magic way” to bring in unlimited clients, and how I grew my group to 73,000 members, but how many of you would really do it?

Yeah. Not many, and I’m guessing if you’re like most sane, rational people that would be you.

So, what are you supposed to do if this doesn’t work, and that doesn’t work either? That’s the rub. We have to dig in, and figure out who you are, and what your strengths and weaknesses are. What do you LOVE to do, and what do you merely tolerate doing? What would you be willing to do if you could talk yourself into it? And what could you learn to love?

That’s where the REAL magic comes in. Digging deep, and asking yourself the questions, and getting to that place of understanding. You might even need to work with a coach to help you figure out what works for you, and what might not. Accountability is a huge thing for a lot of things that are borderline, until you learn to love them, or decide to leave them.

Are you willing to stop trying to find the one size fits all, and listen to your unique DNA, and find what works for you?

Does marketing make you want to pull your hair out? Haley is a Marketing strategist and social media expert who can help you find your magic marketing method.

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