Am I Right?

Haley Lynn Gray
3 min readMar 7, 2021

Watching human behavior is a pastime of mine. I like to watch how people react to particular scenarios, and situations.

One thing that has struck me lately is how important it is to us humans to be right. Always.

It is amazing to me how we can justify things in our minds that we are somehow right, forgetting that there are always 3 sides of the story- my side, your side, and what actually happened.

I’ve seen it pop up time and time again. At work, at home, out and about town.

I was driving my car earlier today, and was stopped at a stoplight. I honked at the car in front of me, after they didn’t move 10–15 seconds after the light turned. What was kind of funny was that my husband made a comment about it, and about how we discourage honking here in the south, but sometimes it’s necessary, because they’re not going to cause him to miss a light!

2 hours later, I was driving again, and was first in line at a light, at a major intersection. The light turned green, and I peered around to make sure everyone was stopped, because people have a tendency to not stop at that light. The guy behind me honks, just as I started to move. My husband then proceeds to make comments about how the guy was a jackalope, and obviously impatient.

We have a need to be right. I realize I married Mr. Right, but what I didn’t quite realize 29 years ago was that his first name should have been “Always”. Of course I also had that twinge of annoyance when that car behind me honked, then proceeded to ride my tail through the light, then zig and zag back and forth between other cars trying to get past us, in heavy traffic. I admit it, I giggled watching the steam coming out of his ears.

It’s also important to remember this when dealing with the general public, or with clients. There is this philosophy that the client is always right. Except when they really are not.

Case in point: dealing with members in some of the Facebook Groups that I manage. My main group is Women’s Entrepreneur Network on Facebook. We have 73000 members, and we’ve seen it all.

Someone will join the group, and immediately try to promote themselves, by posting a promo post. That post gets deleted immediately. I’ve had people who message me “How in the world do you think you are supporting small business if you won’t allow me to promote myself in your group?” Actually, we do allow you to promote yourself in a bunch of different ways, including promo of the day posts (Your Facebook page, your business, your Instagram), all neatly organized.

My side? Well, we get hundreds of promo posts submitted per day. If I allow them through, we will have 0 real interaction in the group, and it will kill engagement.

Who’s right? And does it really matter?



Haley Lynn Gray

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